Roberta Laurie


I just got back from a little BC road trip. Among other adventures, my partner, Zane, and I stopped at the Northern Lights Wolf Centre outside of Golden. We toured the Centre, listened to the interpretive talk and went on the Blackwolf Photography Walk. The walk was truly magical. We hiked with Scrappy Dave and Flora. The wolves were both born in captivity, purchased from the zoo where they were born and imprinted at… Read More

Last year, my daughter, Nastassja, began graduate studies in Intercultural and International Communications. For her thesis, “What big teeth you have: An educational approach to wolf conservation,” she conducted a series of interviews at a wolf conservation centre. She hopes to determine how education can effect public perception and ultimately conservation of wolves. To contextualize her research, she has studied the history of Canadian public policy on the “management” of the species. The following… Read More