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I haven’t blogged for a long time, but it’s summer and I’m back at it. This is the talk I gave for the People’s Climate March in Edmonton this spring. And here is the transcript: We NEED to talk about climate change! You all get that. By coming here today you’re showing that you know climate change is important. But what about the people who aren’t here? How can we engage them… Read More

Frames, at least the effective ones, have a way of sticking. And in case you’re fuzzy on frames, here’s a definition from the guru of linguistic framing, George Lakoff: “Frames are mental structures that shape the way we see the world.” To elaborate, frames are the mental associations that we make — involuntarily make — when we hear a word/phrase or see an image. For example, if I say the word “popcorn,”… Read More

We all depend upon water to drink, food to eat, air to breathe. We are connected in a multitude of ways to the warp and weft of our planet’s systems. So, it continues to perplex and frustrate me when I see environmental issues being divided along partisan lines. What’s up? If it’s in everyone’s best interest to protect the environment, why are so many people ambivalent or even against it? I believe there… Read More

Last year, my daughter, Nastassja, began graduate studies in Intercultural and International Communications. For her thesis, “What big teeth you have: An educational approach to wolf conservation,” she conducted a series of interviews at a wolf conservation centre. She hopes to determine how education can effect public perception and ultimately conservation of wolves. To contextualize her research, she has studied the history of Canadian public policy on the “management” of the species. The following… Read More

Originally posted on Beating the Bounds:
I was in a park I could not see Global capitalism Its dinosaur bones Covered in chrome I saw     trees Their leaves Turning yellow and Golden brown I saw the harbour And the city set Down below The mountain A place you’d descend To or ascend from I asked someone How do we resist? Consider the trees Bending in the wind Their root grip Deep in…

So, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say, “We are all environmentalists.” I know it’s become uncool to identify as an “environmentalist,” but isn’t it true? Let me explain. “Primitive” societies have, without exception, recognized the importance of their environments for survival. They needed to know when berries would ripen, they needed to know where to find fresh water, and they needed to know how to clothe themselves… Read More

For their paper, “Beyond individual behaviour change: the role of power, knowledge and strategy in tackling climate change,” Kenis and Mathijs interviewed twelve “young environmentally concerned citizens” in an attempt to learn the knowledge, motivation and frustrations that informed their strategies for addressing climate change. I was intrigued by their findings. Many respondents expressed a sense of powerlessness. They felt that individual action seemed negligible when compared to the magnitude of the… Read More

“Our purpose is simple – to love, to love each other, to love all life, and to love our earth.” — Anthony Douglas Williams, Inside the Divine Pattern I came across this quote on Facebook. It spoke to me, so I reposted it to my Timeline. Shortly afterwards, Liz, a dear friend of mine, commented on my post by writing, “You can love ‘all life’ in the abstract, but not in reality,… Read More