Roberta Laurie


I recall the feeling of crippling responsibility, the sense of vulnerability, the revelation that I was responsible for a tiny life. Until I became pregnant and began to feel the awareness of the life growing within my belly, I could not have known the sudden susceptibility to a host of fears and worries that would weigh upon me. I recall all of that: the concern, the love, the distress. These are the… Read More

Originally posted on Beating the Bounds:
I was in a park I could not see Global capitalism Its dinosaur bones Covered in chrome I saw     trees Their leaves Turning yellow and Golden brown I saw the harbour And the city set Down below The mountain A place you’d descend To or ascend from I asked someone How do we resist? Consider the trees Bending in the wind Their root grip Deep in…

In the hours leading up to the Greenpeace action, I knew that some of my closest friends would be going into harms way — where they could be injured or arrested. I knew they were going into a situation where their future prospects could be compromised. Granted, it was a low risk action: they weren’t delivering their message from an industry site, nor were they singling out a political figure. They were… Read More

For their paper, “Beyond individual behaviour change: the role of power, knowledge and strategy in tackling climate change,” Kenis and Mathijs interviewed twelve “young environmentally concerned citizens” in an attempt to learn the knowledge, motivation and frustrations that informed their strategies for addressing climate change. I was intrigued by their findings. Many respondents expressed a sense of powerlessness. They felt that individual action seemed negligible when compared to the magnitude of the… Read More