Resources for Writers

As writers, we can never know everything. Instead we must accept the council of others. We must be fully cognizant of where to seek advice, information and inspiration.

Here are some books I have found helpful:

  • OnwritingCorrect Writing by Butler et al.
  • The Write Brain Workbook by Bonnie Neubauer
  • Old Friend from Far Away: The Practice of Writing Memoir by Natalie Goldberg
  • On Writing by Stephen King
  • Spunk & Bite by Arthur Plotnik
  • The Freelance Writer’s Bible by David Trottier
  • The Forest for the Trees: An Editor’s Advice to Writers by Betsy Lerner
  • On Writing Well  by William Zinsser

Here are some books that inspire my writing:

  • 51elR0bLGdLOf This Earth by Rudy Wiebe
  • Adventures in the Skin Trade by Dylan Thomas
  • Dispatches by Michael Herr
  • The Book of Small by Emily Carr
  • A Promise of Salt by Lorie Miseck

Still more books for writers:

  • Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott
  • Council of Literary Magazines and Presses: Literary Press and Magazine Directory. Soft Skull Press
  • The Elements of Editing: A Modern Guide for Editors and Journalists by Arthur Plotnik
  • The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr. and E. B. White
  • Negotiating with the Dead: A Writer on Writing by Margaret Atwood
  • Virginia Woolf’s Nose: Essays on Biography by Hermione Lee
  • The Mother Tongue: English and How it Got That Way by Bill Bryson
  • A History of Reading by Alberto Manguel
  • The Stories of English by David Crystal
  • Eats, Shoots & Leaves by Lynne Truss
  • Editing Canadian English: The Essential Canadian Guide prepared for the Editors’ Association of Canada

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