Purchase The Rhetoric of Oil in the 21 Century on the Routledge website. There’s fascinating research here. From “When Water Meets Oil: Rupturing Rhetoric and Reality in Energy Policy and Climate Science” by Josh Wodak to my piece “Still Ethical Oil: Framing the Alberta Oil Sands,” this collection is truly groundbreaking.


See “What Writers are Reading


I’ve written for anthologies, periodicals, journals, weeklies, newsletters, websites and other publications over the years. Here is a sampling:


PoLAR: Political Legal Anthropology Review

September 2016      “What Does Climate Change Demand of Communications”

The Yards

Summer 2016         “Hidden Gem of the Season: Get Cooking”

SNAPLine                 Society of Northern Alberta Print Artists

Winter 2015              “The Way of the Book: A Look Inside Antiquarian Book Restoration with Alex McGuckin”

WestWord Magazine

Nov/Dec 2015            “Plan to Write: Creating an Effective Writing Strategy”

Filling Station

#60 [Fall 2014]           “Telegram Memories”

On Spec: The Canadian Magazine of the Fantastic

(in an ongoing capacity since 2009)

Spring 2019               “Mike Rimar Serves Up Armageddon and Submarine Sandwiches”

Spring 2018               “Tim Reynolds: Canada’s Twistorian”

Spring 2017               “Ashley Mullins: Love Letters of Home”

Summer 2016           “Paulo da Costa: An Addiction to Words”

Winter 2015               “Krista D. Ball: Making an Impression”

Fall 2015                     “Colleen Anderson — Poet”

Fall 2014                      “A Chance Encounter with Janet K. Nicolson”

Summer 2014              “Mikey Hamm: String Theory and Hairy Slugs”

Spring 2014                 “Chris Tarry: A Life of Words and Music”

Winter 2014                 “Adria Laycraft and the Writer’s Way”

Summer 2013              “Leslie Brown: The Storyteller”

Spring 2013                 “The Past and Future Worlds of Ron Collins”

Jasper Fitzhugh

August 2014                 “Visionary on a Role”

Enjoy Gardening

Summer 2010             “Wine 101: An Introduction to the World of Wine”

Spring 2010                 “A Little Night Magic: Nighttime Gardening”


In Their Own Words: The Girls of Atsikana Pa Ulendo Tell Their Stories 

2011                              Prairie Dog Publishing — editor, researcher, writer

Christmas Chaos

2010                             Prairie Dog Publishing — editor, writer

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Family Matters Anthology

2010                            “White Curtains and Flowered Wallpaper”

How I Shot My Brother & Other Stories

2009                            Prairie Dog Publishing — editor, writer

Treasures of the Heart: A Generation Bridge — Multicultural Heritage Centre (publisher)

2001                            “Grandpa’s Teddy Bear”

Many Faces – One Heart — Multicultural Heritage Centre (publisher)


  • “Dinner and … “Dance?””
  • “The Law Marches West”
  • “Henry Burke – Generally “Otis””
  • “Cornelia Railey Wood” (with Marie Rutter)
  • “Laura Merrick”



Weaving A Malawi Sunrise: A Woman, A School, A People

2015                                University of Alberta Press

*  *  *

Here are a few links to presentations and interviews I’ve given and articles written about my work:

Foreword Reviews‘ 2015 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Award Winner — Education (Adult Nonfiction)

Let’s NOT Talk: Silencing the Climate — My presentation for the CLIMATE CHANGE: VIEWS FROM THE HUMANITIES Conference (May 2016)

Blacklock’s Reporter Review — One Day at the Rotary Club

High School Model United Nations — Presentation to the WHO on Education in SubSaharan Africa (Feb. 2016)

University of Alberta International Week — “Weaving the Future: Empowering Girls in Sub-Saharan Africa Through Education” (Jan. 2016)

Weaving a Malawi Sunrise Review — Dean Wood’s review for the Rotary District 5370 Newsletter (2015)

Pipelines from the Oil Sands to the World — the text to a portion of the presentation I gave at the panel discussion presented by the University of Alberta’s Oil Sands Delegation (2015)

CJSR Interview: Framing Ethical Oil — not entirely humiliating — thankfully (2013)

The Framing of Evidence and Argument — my presentation at the 14th Annual Parkland Institute Conference (2013)

SSHRC Storytellers — my proposal to SSHRC Storytellers, which gave me the opportunity to present at Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences 2013

Exploring the Ethical Oil Debate — on my thesis research (2013)

Local Publishing House Travels to Malawi for Rat Roasting Stories — cleverly titled local commentary on Prairie Dog Publishing’s anthology, In Their Own Words: The Girls of Atsikana Pa Ulendo Tell Their Stories (2009)

*  *  *

If you are in the Edmonton area, I will come to speak at your book club, Rotary Club, school, library, or service club. Email me for details:


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