Drought & Famine


Right now, the southern region of Africa is suffering from severe drought as a result of this year’s extreme el ninio. In Malawi alone 2.8 million people are experiencing food shortages. Every day, people come to Atsikana Pa Ulendo looking for help. During this crisis, the school has used its discretionary funds to employ local residents, but those funds were consumed quickly. People need help to get through the next two months until the next harvest.

Atsikana Pa Ulendo has created a project that will give piece work to up to 200 of the most needy people in Nsalu for 8 weeks to see them through to the harvest. To support this project, APU has set up crowdfunding site to raise the $33,000 required for materials and the cost of labour. Just $50 will employ one person for a month.

The project will be an access road, 2 km in length,  to the school. The road is much needed and will help strengthen the connection between APU and the surrounding community. It requires work that many people (mostly women) would be able to do.

To learn more about the project and how you can help, visit Food for Work.




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